john mcgrath

John McGrath MSc BSc MBCS

For over five years I have been providing e-learning support working on education projects with regional council clients across Scotland, the Scottish Government, Napier University, Edinburgh city council and on a number of private initiatives. I have over twenty years experience providing training in IT, Physics and Mathematics.

My favourite kind of project is one where I get to sit down face to face with people to help work out the best way to make their online plan work – whether it be an online course or a community website. I love seeing the whole project through – the software development, the staff training and the after support. When everything is up and running if people need more help they know they can call me up, chat and ask as many questions as they like without worrying about how much the call is costing or who is going to answer the phone – it’s always me.

If you want to get a new online project up and running, have IT training needs or have a neglected website that needs some TLC you are unlikely to find a more cost effective, personal service in Scotland.